putting you on the path to

Utter brilliance

(in work and in life)

Who's we?

‘We’ is Belinda Thomas and Shelly Davies. Belinda’s a performance coach and Shelly’s a writer and trainer. And both of us have been giving mediocrity the bird (ie, the big finger, get it?) since the 70s (when we were born – obvs).

We are women, sisters, daughters, mothers, partners, ex-wives, business owners, kick-ass speakers and facilitators, mentors, coaches, teachers. We both have humungous hearts and we like to say fuck. Even cunt. So if those things offend you, this probably ain’t the place for you.

What we are, most of all, is two women who are LIVING OUR LIVES. With brilliance. With joy. With passion and power and purpose, and especially, with imperfections. We haven’t got all the answers but we’ve got ALL THE TOOLS to find the answers. We’re strong, articulate, self-aware, emotionally intelligent, just generally fucking smart, and WE WANT THIS FOR YOU.

This Giving Mediocrity the Bird thing is for joy. It’s the two of us coming together because #wine #swearing #fun and soooo much #goodshit we just want everyone to know about it.


If you want more for you, too, jump on in. and keep your eyes and your heart wide open.